Community Preparedness & Neighborhood Security Operations Projects 

Arthur Evangelista, PhD
Dir. of Operations
Thompson Falls, Montana  59873

Preparedness and Security Specialists

Seasoned professionals, veterans, and public safety/security specialists helping communities prepare for, and survive, natural or man-made disasters and catastrophes.


We have years of experience to help your community become a well organized and trained neighborhood group to meet and manage civil or natural disasters, and to secure a community's preparedness resources.

         SECURITY  &  SURVIVAL                         


It is our eternal vigilance over our U.S. and State Constitutions, (especially our 2nd Amendment rights), including our pursuit of truthful and accurate insights, knowledge, and morally sound principles which enhances the liberties and freedoms of all Americans.

It is our participation in our own communities, states, and national affairs, which is the best and only sensible protection against identifying, understanding, and dealing with natural emergencies, tyranny, and aggressions and attack, and to help support an optimum level of citizen security via open communications and shared civic commitment.

Although life is not without its inherent natural dangers, it is our belief that most Americans want, and can, live in peace and in harmony. This is possible only when self-reliance, self-protection, and community cooperation guides each community and its peoples in these vital areas.

Prudence and common sense necessitates that, as citizens of any community, the price of life, freedom, and liberty depends upon our eternal vigilance.

Additionally, this upholds the creed of our Constitution, as “We, the People…”, are responsible for protecting ourselves and for protecting our God-given liberties; …We can defer this to no politician or government.

In concert with a Preparedness Program to protect the citizens against government tyranny, anarchy, or significant natural disaster, ...our security becomes even more important.

This tactical and strategic Community Watch and Security program is vital for the protection of our citizen’s health and safety, our property, our community, and our preparedness resources.

A community-wide security system can serve to fend off would-be predators, whether human or animal, and assist with the identification of other issues that may have the potential to harm us or our community.

The security/community watch system, therefore, compliments the overall preparedness program. This security (and defense) of our community will help ensure successful and secure preparedness and survival operations.

Aside from serving our communities on a daily basis, the Security System can be pivotal before, during, and after any catastrophic event or threat, which requires the continuous protection and safekeeping of our immediate population, and our community’s survival resources (ie: food stores, potable water, fuel, firearms, etc.), other survival or medical equipment, and shelters, et al.

It is vital that we address this issue, now, as the threat of “political and national disaster” looms close on the horizon. Now is the period to create this program, as it will take time to assemble and develop this project into a viable and effective working security program.  Case in point: “Noah built the Ark  BEFORE  it rained.”

It is proposed, that groups secure knowledgeable and seasoned individuals to assist with the creation, implementation, and the assessment of security activities pursuant to the needs of your particular community, including elements of escape and/or evasion. The program must be able to meet, manage, and resolve immediate threats to our safety, health, or security.

Training and education of the community-at-large is invaluable, and can create, and put into operation, an effective protection program that could serve our community in these crucial areas, when or if the need arises.

This system can offer a significant measure of protection or defense from the repercussions of a natural disaster, political collapse, or any issue which directly threatens the lives and liberties of our community and its inhabitants.



Arthur M. Evangelista, PhD

Dir. of Operations and Research

Security and Preparedness Programs

Veteran & Patriot


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